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To Our Theatre

ACT is a not-for-profit organization bringing live theatre to Ayr while promoting the arts and incorporating local talent including the youth in our community. We will provide learning opportunities to those who have an interest in the performing arts and other aspects of theatre production. ACT will continue to bring our community together by providing new and diverse experiences in a safe and inclusive environment.


Member Pre-sale May 2 and 3, Tickets On Sale May 4, 2024.

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Show Reviews...

I applaud all the work Michele and Diana and everyone else involved in ACT have done. They brought their love for performing arts to the town and in what a way. Wow! Always a superb quality production. Thank you for enriching our lives. - Veronica M.


Great talent and shows! Can’t wait to see what they go next. - Kendra K.

Little Women Reviews...

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