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Previous Shows

Clue The Musical
November 22 - 28, 2023

Ayr Community Centre

NOvember 23 to 26 - 2 (1).PNG

Steel Magnolias
May 26 - 29, 2022

Ayr Community Centre

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Rave Reviews

Ayr Living Theatre - ACT Steel Magnolias Review Ayr, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph
Ayr News Steel Magnolias Review 1

Little Women
April 26 - April 30, 2023

Ayr Community Centre


Rave Reviews

ACT Review

Musical Theatre International Presents:
All Together Now!
November 12 & 13, 2021

Ayr Community Centre

Copy of All Together Now Official Poster.png


Meghan Aubrey

Aaron Balzer

Diana Barber

Matt Bond

Rebecca Deeming

Michele DiTomasso

Matthew Dudziak

Adrienne Enns

Alison Enns

Ashley Gimshaw

Robert Marshall

Sarah McIlravey

Tristan Pilcher

Jill Prince

Ashley Rye

Brendan Stehouwer

Andrew Wong


Stephan Beckhoff

Jessica Carron

Mallory Carson

Mandy Carson

Paige Corriveau

Ryan Dunham

Lisa Hagen

Martin LaCoste

Ciara Moules

Jennifer Roeder

Nicole Simone

Erin Walker

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